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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     A S Arnold Brown


     Agnew, Sir Geoffrey William Gerald (1908-1986) Knight

     Agnew, Sir William (1825-1910) 1st Baronet

     Aitken Dott & Son, Art Dealers

     Ambrosone, Giovanni (1790-1798)

     Arthur Tooth & Sons Ltd, Fine Art Dealers

     Brettingham, Matthew (1725-1803)

     Carritt, Hugh David Graham (1927-1982)

     Colnaghi, Dominic Paul (1790-1879)

     Colnaghi, Martin (d? 1908)

     Delahante, A (1815-1839)

     Duveen, James Henry (1934-1948)

     Ernest Brown & Phillips, Art Dealers

     Fine Art Society Plc, Art Dealers

     Galerie Durand-Ruel

     Galerie Ernst Arnold

     Gambart, Jean Joseph Ernest Theodore (1814-1902)

     Goetz, Walter (1911-1995)

     Goupil Gallery

     Guggenheim, Peggy (1898-1979)

     Hanover Gallery Ltd, Art Dealers

     Kahnweiler, Gustav (1895-1989)

     Mariette, Pierre-Jean (1694-1774)

     Nigel Greenwood Gallery

     P & D Colnaghi & Co

     Phillips, Ewan Godfrey (b1914)

     Sulley, Arthur Joseph (1910-1929)

     Thomson, David Croal (1855-1930)

     Turner, Percy Moore (1877-1950)

     Valentin, Curt (1902-1954)

     Wallis, Henry (c 1805-1890)

     Whitehouse, Arthur Edward (c 1850-1905)

     Williamson & Sons, Cabinetmakers and Antique Dealers

     Woodburn, Samuel (c 1785-1853)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 35