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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Bayley, Stephen (b1951)

     Betjeman, Sir John (1906-1984) Knight

     Bilson, John (1856-1943)

     Bolton, Arthur Thomas (1864-1945)

     Brakspear, Sir Harold (1870-1934) Knight

     Brinton, Selwyn John Curwyn (1859-1940)

     Burgess, Richard (1796-1881)

     Cave, Charles John Philip (1871-1950)

     Clapham, Sir Alfred William (1883-1950) Knight

     Clarke, Charles (d1840)

     Cranage, David Herbert Somerset (1866-1957)

     Fergusson, James (1808-1886)

     Geddes, Sir Patrick (1854-1932) Knight

     Gotch, John Alfred (1852-1942)

     Graham, Angus (1892-1979)

     Hesketh, Charles Peter Fleetwood Fleetwood- (1905-1985)

     Hubbard, Edward (1937-1989)

     Hussey, Christopher Edward Clive (1899-1970)

     Knight, Henry Gally (1786-1846)

     Leask, Harold Graham (1882-1964)

     Leeds, William Henry (1786-1866)

     Lethaby, William Richard (1857-1931)

     Metcalf, Priscilla (1915-1989)

     Milne, James Lees- (1908-1998)

     Parker, John Henry (1806-1884)

     Penrose, Francis Cranmer (1817-1903)

     Petit, John Louis (1801-1868)

     Pevsner, Sir Nikolaus Bernhard Loen (1902-1983) Knight

     Rimmer, Alfred (1829-1893)

     Sharp, Thomas (1901-1978)

     Sparrow, Walter Shaw (d1940)

     Spiers, Richard Phene (1837-1916)

     Stewart, David James (1848-1889)

     Summerson, Sir John Newenham (1904-1992) Knight

     Taylor, Alec Clifton- (1907-1985)

     Taylor, Harold Mccarter (1907-1995)

     Walsh, Stephen (1893-1976)

     Weaver, Sir Lawrence (1876-1930) Knight

     Whittington, George Downing (1781-1807)

     Willis, Robert (1800-1875)

     Wittkower, Rudolf (1901-1971)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 41