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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     A H Lee & Sons, Textile and Tapestry Designers and Manufacturers

     Anderson & Robertson Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     Anonymous, Calico and Thread Manufacturer

     Arthur Bell (Scotch Tweeds) Ltd, Woollen Manufacturers

     Arthur Mitton (Bradford) Ltd, Textile Manufacturers and Merchants

     Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd

     Arthur Thorp Ltd, Cotton Spinners and Manufacturer

     Beeston Embroidery Co Ltd

     Berne Silk Manufacturing Co (England) Ltd, Printed Fabrics Manufacturers

     Birkacre Printworks, Textile Printers

     Brintons Carpets Ltd

     British Cotton & Wool Dyers Association Ltd

     British Enka Ltd, Artifical Silk Manufacturers

     Broad Oak Printworks, Textile Printers

     Carter family, Worsted Manufacturers

     Cartwright & Sheldon Ltd, Silk Manufacturers

     Chamberlain, Mallet & Co, Lace Manufacturers

     Charles Todd & Higginbotham, Textile Manufacturers

     Courtaulds plc

     D & J Anderson Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     David Ligat & Son Ltd, Textile and Muslin Manufacturers

     Derby & Midland Warp Knitting Co Ltd, Artificial Silk Manufacturers

     Duffy & Co, Linen, Calico and Cotton Manufacturers

     Dumbarton Ropework Co Ltd

     Frank Stewart Sandeman & Sons Ltd, Cotton and Jute Spinners and Manufacturers

     George Roberts & Co, Woollen Manufacturers

     George Roberts & Co, Woollen Manufacturers

     Gordon & Gordon Ltd, Embroidery Manufacturers

     Gourock Ropework Co, Textile Manufacturers

     H F Hartley Ltd, Textile and Woollen Manufacturers

     Hale & Martin, Linen Manufacturers

     Harbens Ltd, Artificial Silk Manufacturers

     Hartford Mill (1919) Ltd, Cotton Spinners

     Henry Widnell & Stewart Ltd, Carpet Manufacturers

     Hollas Textile Holdings Ltd

     Huntingtower Mill, Textile Manufacturer

     J & H Brown & Co, Woollen Manufacturers

     J & N Philips & Co Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     J & P Coats Ltd, Cotton Thread Manufacturers

     J H Brown & Co, Woollen Manufacturers

     James Findlay & Co, Textile Manufacturers and Merchants

     James Fisher & Co, Lace makers

     James Hardcastle & Co, Textile Printers

     James Porteous & Co Ltd, Woollen Manufacturers

     James Templeton & Co, Textile and Carpet Manufacturers

     James Thomson, Brothers & Sons, Calico Printers

     John Brownhill & Co Ltd, Fabrics

     John Hartley & Sons Ltd, Woollen Manufacturers

     John Lean & Sons, Textile Manufacturers

     Joseph Johnson (Bolton) Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     Kirklees Ltd, Artificial Silk Manufacturers

     Laidlaw and Fairgrieve Ltd, Woollen Manufacturers

     Langley Printworks, Textile Printers

     Linen & Artsilk Ltd

     Loch Leven Linen Works

     Misses Williams Ltd, Embroiderers

     Moir & Co, Calico Printers

     New Lanark Mills, Textile Manufacturers

     Owen Owens & Son, Textile Printers

     Ramasyl Ltd, Textile Manufacturers, Merchants and Calico Printers

     Royal Tapestry Works

     Sackville & Swallow (Holdings) Ltd, Calico Printers

     St Martins Langdale Linen Industry

     Stewart Bros, Carpet Manufacturers

     Stoddart Holdings Ltd, Carpet Manufacturers

     Stuart Brothers Ltd, Spinners and Silk Manufacturers

     T Craig-Brown & Co, Woollen Manufacturers

     T Craig-Brown & Co, Woollen Manufacturers

     T Lester & Sons, Lace Manufacturers

     The Clayton Aniline Co Ltd, Textile Designers

     The Linen Thread Co Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     Thomas & Robert Parker, Textile Printers

     Thomas Adams Ltd, Lace Manufacturers

     William Briggs & Co Ltd, Embroidery Manufacturers

     William E Wart & Son Ltd, Linen Manufacturers

     William Fulton & Sons Ltd, Textile Finishers

     William Hartley, Woollen manufacturer

     William Peacock Ltd, Textile, Rope and Cord Manufacturers

     William Wilson & Son, Tartan Manufacturers

     Woodward Grosvenor Ltd, Textile Designers and Manufacturer

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 80