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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     A G Richardson & Co, China Manufacturers

     A W Buchan & Co, Pottery Company

     Abbeydale New Bone China Co Ltd, Pottery Manufacturers

     Alcock, China Manufacturers

     Architectural Pottery Co

     Arthur J Wilkinson Ltd, Earthenware Manufacturers

     Benthall & Ironbridge Pottery Co

     Bo'ness Ware, Ceramics Firm

     Brameld & Co, Potters

     Charles Amison & Co Ltd, China Manufacturers

     Coalport, China Manufacturers

     Crown Staffordshire China Co Ltd

     Davenport, John (d1848)

     Della Robbia Pottery

     Delph Works, Clayware Manufacturers

     Derby Crown Porcelain Co Ltd

     Dillwyn, Lewis Weston (1778-1855)

     Doulton & Co Ltd, Porcelain Manufacturers

     Fulham Pottery

     Gibbs & Canning, Architectural Terracotta Manufacturers

     Goss China Co Ltd

     Herculaneum Potteries

     J & G Meakin Ltd, Pottery Manufacturers

     J F Elton & Co Ltd, Earthenware Manufacturers

     J Jameson & Son Ltd, Earthenware Manufacturers

     Jackson & Gosling Ltd, China Manufacturers

     James Pearson Ltd, Stoneware Manufacturers

     Jameson & Son, Earthenware Manufacturers and Pottery Company

     John Davenport, Son & Co, Potters

     Joseph Bourne & Son Ltd, Pottery Manufacturers

     Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd, Pottery Manufacturers

     Lawers Farm Pottery

     Lovatts Potteries Ltd

     Low Ford, South Hylton

     Mintons Ltd, China Manufacturers

     Naylor Bros, Barnsley, Clayware Manufacturers

     New Chelsea China Co Ltd

     Odney Pottery

     Potters Arts Guild Ltd

     Rickaby's Pottery

     Rockingham China Factory

     Royal Stafford Pottery

     Royal Worcester

     S Burns & Co, Pottery Manufacturers

     Samuel Lowe & Sons, Alma & Brunswick Potteries

     South's Potteries

     Spode Ltd, China and Pottery Manufacturers

     St Anthonys Pottery

     Sunderland and Co, Pottery

     Taylor & Kent Ltd, China Manufacturers

     The Studio, Strathyre, Pottery

     Thomas & A E Hughes

     Uriah Jones & Sons Ltd, Earthenware Decorators

     W H Grindley & Co Ltd, Earthenware Manufacturers

     Wedgwood, Josiah (1769-1843)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 55