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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Artz, Sally (b1935)

     Barnett, Sydney H (1898-1977)

     Bateman, Henry Mayo (1887-1970)

     Baumer, Lewis Christopher Edward (1870-1963)

     Bayles, O M (1930s-1950s)

     Beckerath, Willy von (1868-1938)

     Bentley, Nicholas Clerihew (1907-1978)

     Bestall, Alfred Edmeades (1892-1986)

     Bondy, Charlotte (1907-1986)

     Braby, Dorothea (1909-1987)

     Breeze, Hector (b1928)

     Burbidge, D Roy (1940-1950)

     Dexter, Walter (1876-1958)

     Embleton, Edwin (b1907)

     Emett, Frederick Rowland (1906-1990)

     England, Thomas Douglas (1891-1971)

     Fagg, Edwin (1885-1939)

     Fennemore, Thomas Acland (1902-1959)

     Gentleman, Tom (1882-1966)

     Ghilchik, David Louis (1892-1972)

     Gossop, Robert Percy (1876-1951)

     Hagedorn, Karl (1889-1969)

     Honey, C Winifred (1930-1939)

     Payne, Albert Wyndham (1884-1974)

     Philipson's Studios Ltd, Commercial Artists

     Piech, Paul Peter (1920-1996)

     Ridgewell, William Leigh (1881-1937)

     Robinson, William Heath (1872-1944)

     Schleger, Hans (1898-1976)

     Siggs, Lawrence Hector (1900-1972)

     Southey, Anthony Robert (1927-1981)

     Uden, Ernest Boye (b1911)

     Wallace, James (1872-1911)

     Whyte, Vic Duppa- (1934-1986)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 34