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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Adams, Billy ( 1980-1995)

     Annan, Dorothy (? 1907-1983)

     Artigas, Josep Llorens (1892-1980)

     Bassett, Hilary (1980-1995)

     Bentley, Thomas (1730-1780)

     Bodenham, Peter (1980-2002)

     Bradburn, John Windsor (1870-1940)

     Cox, Stephen Joseph (b1946)

     Craft Potters Association

     Crofts, Stella Rebecca (1898-1964)

     Cundall, Charles Ernest (1890-1971)

     Davenport, Thomas (1775-1794)

     Davies, Diana (b1940)

     Davies, Terry (b1961)

     Dewar, De Courcy Lewthwaite (1880-1959)

     Ellis, Bronwyn Williams- (1980-1995)

     Evans, E T B (1900-2000)

     Finch, Joe (1900-2000)

     Forsyth, Gordon Mitchell (1879-1952)

     Fowler, F H (1860-1900)

     Francis, Mike (1980-1995)

     Frith, David (b1943)

     Frith, Margaret (b1943)

     Fulham Pottery

     Gater, Edith (b1902)

     George Wooliscroft & Sons Ltd, Tilemakers

     Gerrard, Alfred Horace (1899-1998)

     Gould, Teena (1963-2003)

     Gray, John Holmes (1900-2000)

     Green, Pru (1980-1995)

     Haan, Mike De (1900-2000)

     Haigh, Julian (b1969)

     Hall, Morgen (b1960)

     Hamer, Janet (1980-2003)

     Harper, W E (1900-2000)

     Harris, J B (1800-1900)

     Heeney, Gwen (b1952)

     Heyward, Ned (b1947)

     Howell, Catrin (b1969)

     Hughes, Allan (1981-2003)

     Hughes, Beverley Bell- (b1948)

     Hughes, Terry Bell- (b1939)

     Jones, Daisy Makeig- (1881-1945)

     Keeler, Madoline (b1942)

     Keeler, Walter (b1942)

     Kossowski, Adam (1905-1986)

     Land, Julia (1990-2003)

     Landreau, Jean Paul (1980-1995)

     Markes, Tony (1980-1995)

     Marno, Bill (1980-1995)

     Marno, Clare (1980-1995)

     Martin family, Potters

     Mason, M E (1900-2000)

     Mattison, Steve (b1954)

     Minton, Herbert (d1858)

     Miro, Joan (1893-1983)

     Murdoch, Lesley (1985-1991)

     Naylor, Barrie (1980-1995)

     Noel, Anna (bc 1960)

     Picasso, Pablo Ruiz (1881-1973)

     Powell, Jean (1980-1995)

     R W Martin & Brothers, Potters

     Rees, Len (1980-2003)

     Rie, Dame Lucie (1902-1995)

     Ritson, Sheena (1980-1984)

     Rogers, Phil (b1951)

     Schloessingk, Micki (1970-2003)

     Scott, Winifred Kennedy (1899-1940)

     Seller, Jacqui (b1958)

     Temple, Charles Henry (1857-1940)

     Thom, Lorna (b1960)

     Uglow, Helena (1960-1989)

     Ward, John (b1938)

     Wells, Meri (b1946)

     Woodford, Jane R (b1945)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 75