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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Baskerville, John (1706-1775)

     Biggs, John R (1909-1988)

     Cockerell, Sir Sydney Carlyle (1867-1962) Knight

     Costley, Ron (1939-2015)

     Craig, Edward Gordon (1872-1966)

     Dreyfuss, John Gustave (b1918)

     Edinburgh Typographical Society, Trade Union

     Fry, Joseph (1728-1787)

     Gill, Arthur Eric Rowton (1882-1940)

     Giraldon, Adolphe (1855-1933)

     Glasgow Typographical Society, Trade Unions

     Grimble, Rosemary Ann (b1932)

     Harrison, John (1814-1816)

     Harvey, Michael (b1931)

     Hasler, Charles (1908-1992)

     Him, George (1900-1982)

     Johnston, Edward (1872-1944)

     Leicester Typographical Society

     Lewis, John (1950-1995)

     London Typographical Designers Ltd

     London Typographical Society: Odhams Press Composing Chapel, Trade Union

     McCance, William (1894-1970)

     McLean, John David Ruari (b1917)

     Meynell, Sir Francis (1891-1975) Knight

     Monotype Corporation, Printing and Typography Company

     Morison, Stanley Arthur (1889-1967)

     Neurath, Otto (1882-1945)

     Pissarro, Lucien (1863-1944)

     Raw, Stephen (1970-1998)

     Read, Kingsley (? 1913-1988)

     Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)

     Schmoller, Hans (1916-1985)

     Scottish Typographical Association: Perth Typographical Society,, Trade Union

     Skelton, Christopher (1925-1992)

     Smith, Percy John Delf (1882-1948)

     Spencer, Herbert (1964-1969)

     Stanton, Blair Rowlands Hughes- (1902-1981)

     Tschichold, Jan (1902-1974)

     Typographical Society, Dundee, Trade Union

     Walker, Sir Emery (1851-1933) Knight

     Warde, Beatrice Lamberton (1900-1969)

     Zapf, Hermann (b1918)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 42